Annual Review of Environment and Resources

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals -- published by Getty Research Institute, is the only comprehensive American guide to current literature of architecture and design. This index covers international, scholarly and popular literature and publications of professional associations; United States and regional periodicals; major publications of Europe, Asia, Latin American and Australia.,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=bvh

GeoRef   is a comprehensive geoscience database containing over 2.8 million bibliographic records from more than 3,500 journals and other sources. It provides coverage in subject areas such as mineralogy and crystallography, general mineralogy, mineralogy of silicates, engineering geology, hydrology, economic geology, geophysics, petrology, paleontology, marine geology, oceanography, and mineralogy of non-silicates.,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=geh

GeoScience World   A comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the geosciences, built on a core database aggregation of peer-reviewed journals indexed, linked with GeoReflease (GeoRef). The GSW Millennium Collection, includes peer-reviewed articles and other materials with linked reference lists from more than 30 high-impact journals in a broad range of geoscience areas. A Literature Archive of pre-2000 articles enhances the collection.

JSTOR - Arts & Sciences I The Arts & Sciences I Collection includes the complete back runs of 119 titles in fifteen disciplines. JSTOR's first collection includes core research and society published journals in economics, history, political science, and sociology in other key fields as the humanities and social sciences. This collection also includes a selection of titles in the more science-oriented fields of ecology, mathematics, and statistics.


SciFinder Web is the web-based version of SciFinder Scholar. You must follow specific instructions to access SciFinder Web.



Subject Research Guides. Information on materials by subject are in Magale Library's reference area, video collection, stacks call numbers, and periodicals. Also provided are web sites, electronic journals, electronic texts, and online associations to further research in each area.

DOE Information Bridge. Over 60,000 full-text and bibliographic records of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research and development reports in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science. These are documents received since 1995.

Earth & Environmental Sciences at Lehigh.

Energy and the Environment

ENTRI. Environmental Treaties & Resources Indicators. The Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network. (CIESIN). Complete texts of 150+ international environmental agreements.

Enviro$en$e. U.S. EPA. Pollution prevention, compliance assurance, and enforcement information and data bases.

EnviroLink. Environmental Topics.

Environment. Daily News. Feature Articles. Such as recycling, acid rain, climate change, endangered species and air and water pollution.

Environmental Fate Data Base. For students, researchers and chemical managers.

Environmental Organization WebDirectory.

Environmental Sciences Division (ESD), Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Researches energy's effect on the environment. Includes information about major programs, projects, publications, and facilities.

GeoRef  American Geological Institute's Database; 14,000 serials (Geology of North America since 1785 and the geology of the rest of the world since 1933)

Geosource. More than 3,000 entries, covers human geography, physical geography, planning, geoscience, and environmental science.

Global Hydrology & Climate Center. The Global Hydrology and Climate Center site features research in the areas of the global water cycle, microwaves in the atmosphere, observing lightning from space, atmospheric aerosols and their effects on the climate, measuring atmospheric winds with lasers, and applying NASA remote sensing data and technologies to issues of local and regional concern.

Global Warming.  Dept. of Energy, Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (kids site):

Global Warming.  Environmental Protection Agency

Global Warming.  EPA Climate Change Kids Site

Global Warming.  Library of Congress, Science Reference Services

Global Warming.  NASA's Earth Observatory:

Global Warming.  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Global Warming.  Worldbook@NASA:

Greenwire. Daily Briefing. Synthesizes over 200 newspapers and broadcast networks and more.

Hazards, U.S. Geological Survey. Includes earthquakes, floods, landslides, coastal storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, coastal erosion, volcanoes, wildfires, and wildlife diseases.

HealthELinks. Healthelinks is a service of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport Library that connects to consumer health information.

LLEK Environmental Science.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (NIEHS).

The Office of Science and Technology (OST). Standards, criteria, advisories, guidelines, limitations and standards guidelines under the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Ozone Hole Tour. The history, discovery, and science of the ozone hole are explained in this site with words and images. Also included are current areas of research relating to ozone. From the University of Cambridge's Centre for Atmospheric Science.

Terra Project. (EOS AM-1). NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS). International science program to monitor climate and environmental change. Terra is collecting a new global data set to enable research into the ways that Earth's lands, oceans, atmosphere, ice, radiant energy, and life function as a whole system.

Utah Geology. Site features general geology, earthquakes & hazards, dinosaurs & fossils, rocks & minerals, oil & gas, and educational resources. Related programs include applied geology, economic geology, environmental sciences and geologic mapping.

World's Water. Global freshwater problems and solutions.