SciFinder Web

SciFinder Web is the web-based version of SciFinder Scholar. This resource is a search engine that provides access to Chemical Abstracts and MEDLINE. These resources index journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, and dissertations as well as book reviews and biographical information. It contains a wealth of information on chemical substances and calculated properties. Chemical literature is covered from 1907 to the present, while medical literature is covered from 1965 to the present. Chemical reaction information is also now available from 1974 to the present.

SciFinder allows users to:

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Using SciFinder

Faculty staff, and students of Centenary College may use this resource. All users must register to obtain a user name and password at the following site:

SciFinder Web may be accessed from any computer on campus. However, there is NO off-campus access. The Centenary College community is limited to one concurrent user, so please remember to sign off or close your browser at the end of each session.

More Help

Helpful sites for learning the basics of SciFinder: